Independence Hall::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Independence Hall Assembly Room::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Assembly Room

There are many big cities in the U.S.A., but just a few are interesting enough to be distinguished. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of them, because of its historic district, an old part of the town that was partially preserved. Philadelphia is best known as the birthplace of the United States, a place where both the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and signed. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Rocky Balboa (character from the Sylvester Stallone's 1976 movie Rocky) are not only the symbols of Philadelphia, but also well known American icons.

Kosciuszko Monument in Philadelphia::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Kosciuszko Monument in Philadelphia Icon of Freedom::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Icon of Freedom Liberty Bell::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Liberty Bell

Clock on the facade of Independence Hall::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Clock on the facade of Independence Hall Commodore Barry Monument::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Commodore Barry Monument Tadeusz Kosciuszko's House::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Tadeusz Kosciuszko's House

Ellen Phillips Samuel Fountain::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Ellen Phillips Samuel Fountain Masonic Lodge in Philly::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Masonic Lodge in Philly Philadelphia Museum of Art::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Philadelphia Museum of Art Fairmount Water Works::Philadelphia, PA, United States:: Fairmount Water Works