Road to Saint-Augustin::Ankilibe, Madagascar::
Road to Saint-Augustin
Carrying Water Container on the Head::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Carrying Water Container on the Head
Grass-roofed Hut::Ankilibe, Madagascar::
Grass-roofed Hut
Grotte De Sarodrano #1::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Grotte De Sarodrano #1

Along the way, we passed many villages with ordinary grass hats. The locals were friendly and often waved hello. At the end of the road laid the village of Saint-Augustin, where a group of Puritans settled back in 1645. They survived there only 18 months. Today’s village has nothing that may relate to the first European settlement.

Saint-Augustin (Madagascar), is a fishing village on the beach. Piles of garbage stinking of rotten fish in conjunction with feces are everywhere. This is a typical rural landscape in Madagascar. Walking there you need to be careful not to step on a human excrement lying everywhere. At low tide strong, unpleasant smell from the river was also well perceptible. It is easy to imagine what carries the water from the villages upriver.

Grotte De Sarodrano #2::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Grotte De Sarodrano #2
Local Bus::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Local Bus
Anchovy on the Beach::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Anchovy on the Beach
Saint-Augistin Village::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Saint-Augistin Village
Fishing Boats in Saint-Augustin::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Fishing Boats in Saint-Augustin
Onilahy River::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Onilahy River
Local Kids::Saint-Augustin, Madagascar::
Local Kids

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