Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Geyser Basin
Geyser Basin
Wapiti::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::

Yellowstone is a land of unbelievable natural wonders that owe its uniqueness to heat and water. The whole area (located 2000 m / 6500 ft above sea level) sits on the top of an active volcano that heats the water from rain and snowfall. The high pressure of boiling water forces it from underground to the surface. If it happens in form of eruption we can watch a roaring column of steam and boiling water. This thermal activity is called geyser. There are all other thermal features in Yellowstone National Park. Hot spring is related to geyser but water slowly circulates to the surface. Funaroles, it contains very little water that is converted into the steam. Mud pot is an escape of various gases through the wet clay mud that causes bubbles and plops on the surface. Yellowstone National Park is also known for its wildlife. The American bison are some of the original residents of the area.

Bison in Lamar Valley::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::
Bison in Lamar Valley
Tree in Yellowstone #1::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::
Tree in Yellowstone #1
Snowmobiling in Yellowstone::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::
Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

Snowmobiling is one of the Yellowstone’s attractions in winter. Riding on snow-covered trails gives an opportunity to view park’s majestic scenery.

Lamar Valley::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::
Lamar Valley
Madison Valley::Yellowstone, Wyoming, United States::
Madison Valley

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