Sheraton Denarau Villas::Fiji, South Pacific::
Sheraton Denarau Villas
Infinity Pool at Sheraton::Fiji, South Pacific::
Infinity Pool at Sheraton
Jacuzzi at Westin::Fiji, South Pacific::
Jacuzzi at Westin

Denarau Island is so close to Viti Levu that it is really hard to consider it as a separate island. Many hotels have been built here. Guards protect visitors from the outside world. Many people spend time here having no idea about Fiji on the other side of the fence. Beaches on Denarau are ugly, ocean water is gray, views are boring but resorts are full of tourists that still believe that Fiji is like paradise.

By the Pool::Fiji, South Pacific::
By the Pool
Westin Swimming Pool::Fiji, South Pacific::
Westin Swimming Pool
Westin Resort::Fiji, South Pacific::
Westin Resort
Westin Denarau::Fiji, South Pacific::
Westin Denarau
Kids Swimming Pool::Fiji, South Pacific::
Kids Swimming Pool
Many Pool Chairs::Fiji, South Pacific::
Many Pool Chairs
Wet Edge Pool Bar::Fiji, South Pacific::
Wet Edge Pool Bar

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