Rock Garden of Taizo-in::Taizo-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan::
Rock Garden of Taizo-in
The Pond in Taizo-in #2::Taizo-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan::
The Pond in Taizo-in #2
Dragon King Falls::Taizo-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan::
Dragon King Falls
Tearoom::Taizo-in Temple, Kyoto, Japan::

Established in 1404, Taizo-in is the oldest among the 40 subordinate temples at Myoshin-ji in Kyoto. The rock garden in this temple was designed and completed by an experienced painter. The composition came directly from his sepia drawing. He used high trees, a bamboo grove, and many rocks of varied size and shape. Among these stones, he placed a dry waterfall, islands, and bridges creating a landscape that is typical to Zen temples.

The modern garden of this temple was created with inspiration of the dry garden. It has a stream with Dragon King Falls. Distant trees suggest wooden mountains and ravines.

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