Baie de Ouaméo::Isle of Pines, Oceania::
Baie de Ouaméo
Isle of Pines, Oceania
Le Meridien Hotel Pool::Isle of Pines, Oceania::
Le Meridien Hotel Pool
Isle of Pines, Oceania
Leaning Palm Tree::Isle of Pines, Oceania::
Leaning Palm Tree
Isle of Pines, Oceania

" A tree's a tree. How many more do you need to look at? "

Ronald Reagan

Umbrella tree::Sea of Japan, Japan::
Umbrella tree
Sea of Japan, Japan
Kapuaiwa Grove::Molokai, Hawaii::
Kapuaiwa Grove
Molokai, Hawaii
Sculpted Pine Tree (Matsu)::Nara, Japan::
Sculpted Pine Tree (Matsu)
Nara, Japan
Tree in Yellowstone #1::Yellowstone, USA::
Tree in Yellowstone #1
Yellowstone, USA
Geyser Hill #3::Yellowstone, USA::
Geyser Hill #3
Yellowstone, USA
Punta Cana - Bavaro Beach::Dominican Rep., Caribbean::
Punta Cana - Bavaro Beach
Dominican Rep., Caribbean

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