In the Footsteps of the Jesuit Missions

In search of Calamajué Mission

November 15

Villa Marina RV Park::San Fellipe, Baja California, Mexico::
Villa Marina RV Park
Federal Hwy 5::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Federal Hwy 5

The next day fund us in the Villa Marina RV Park. Balios rested overnight on the sandy cliff above the sea. Starting early, we continued south on Carretera Federal 5 (highway 5). We stopped at a well-known Coco’s Corner. This is a paradise for those who like to browse the others underwear. Under the roof are a large number of panties in different styles and sizes. From there we turned onto the Calamajue road. We wanted to find the Calamajué Visita (the subordinate mission station) that was built in the remote location by Jesuits in 1766. The sandy road lead us through the open area with mountain ranges on the horizon. After driving 17 miles/ 27 km, we entered a wide dry riverbed. On the flat rock in the vicinity, that was the location of the mission station, but there were no buildings, not even ruins left. There was absolutely nothing to remind visitors about the toil of the first missionaries.

Coco's Corner::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Coco's Corner
Local Jeeps and Us::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Local Jeeps and Us
Driving Calamajué Road::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Driving Calamajué Road
Candelabra Cactus::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Candelabra Cactus

We continued to drive the canyon bottom with sandy surface for many miles. There were only a few old tracks on the ground. In some places, I had to stop and locate the passable trail on foot. Finally, we reached the desert road of the famous Baja 1000 Race. Giving the right of way to the several training there incoming racecars, we reached highway 1 long after the sunset. From there we headed south. After 7 pm we stopped somewhere in the desert near Agua de Higuera. Exhausted, without dinner, we immediately went to sleep on the first floor.

In the Wash::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
In the Wash
Driving the Dry Wash #1::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Driving the Dry Wash #1
Driving the Dry Wash #2::Baja California Desert, Mexico::
Driving the Dry Wash #2

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