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Mesh Grille
I wanted to protect the radiator from striking stones, large insects, or sharp branches. This change is easy and does not take too much time.   Mesh Grille
Hood Lock
Travel in the Americas can bring the Jeep to some not very safe places. Honestly, I did not feel well knowing that anyone can open the hood and mess freely underneath.   Hood Lock
Hood Latch
When driving Jeep Wrangler on the road you can easily notice a fluttering hood. It is quite annoying in the long run. Hood latch upgrade solves this problem.   Hood Latch
Tailgate Bump Stops
Bigger backspace in new rims creates a gap between the tire and the tailgate. As the result, the wheel is not stiff and accepts all the vibrations while driving. New bump stops are required.   Tailgate Bump Stops
Front Bumper
The strong front bumper gives an important protection. Wild animals on the road are a serious threat. Off-road bumper also provides much-needed recovery points and is an excellent base for the electric winch.   Front Bumper