Mesh Grille

Parts used:

  1. Galvanized steel gutter protector, 4 pieces
  2. Spray paint, flat black
  3. Paper covered wire twist ties (usually used for closure of your plastic bags) or zip ties
Parts used in mesh grill project::I finaly decided to use paper covered wire twist ties instead of zip ties::
Parts used in mesh grille project
Before radiator protection was installed::Notice Jeeps seven-slots grille::
Before radiator protection was installed

I added the radiator protection right after I bought my 2007 Jeep Wrangler. Radiator has already taken a tall from the rocks. Also, I wanted to prevent radiator clogging by big insects. In addition mesh grille should protect from long branches sticking into radiator cores. Having plans myself for long trips on dirt roads I have decided that it will be my first project.

Grille removed::You can see the toll the radiator has taken so far::
Grille removed
Mesh grille installed::Steel protectors were painted black before installation::
Mesh grille installed
My Mesh Grille::Radiator is well protected::
My Mesh Grille

I used gutter protectors. They need to be cut in to pieces that each fits one of the seven openings in the traditional Jeep grille cover. I painted each piece flat black before mounting. Adhesive squares add mounting points for mesh pieces to be attached. Initially I was thinking about using zip ties, but decided to use paper covered wire twist ties instead.

© 2011 Maciej Swulinski