Acadia Journey

The Land of Covered Bridges

July 09

Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge #1::Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA::
Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge #1
The Flume Gorge::New Hampshire, USA::
The Flume Gorge
Red Covered Bridge::Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA::
Red Covered Bridge

Our journey began in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. The first stop was the Flume Gorge. Nice was a place, but nothing special when comparing to Watkins Glen in upstate New York. The latter is similar, but larger, longer and more interesting in our opinion. The visit to Flume Gorge gave us the opportunity to see and walk on two covered bridges.

Jeep packed in a very chaotic way::New Hampshire, USA::
Jeep packed in a very chaotic way
Eva reads the map::New Hampshire, USA::
Eva reads the map

The goal was to spend a night in the neighboring Maine. On our way we stopped to see rail Clark's Covered Bridge. Unfortunately, today only trains full of tourists cross this bridge. Train ride is one of the attractions of the local amusement park. We also wanted to stop and see Bartlett Covered Bridge. However, when realized, that this bridge has no crossing, but in its interior had many boring, tourist focused souvenir shops, we abandoned that idea.

Clark's Covered Bridge::New Hampshire, USA::
Clark's Covered Bridge
Cute shed in Story Land::New Hampshire, USA::
Cute shed in Story Land
Story Land Street::New Hampshire, USA::
Story Land Street

We skipped New Hampshire’s so-called top attraction, a drive to the peak of Mount Washington. We did a few years back, and we did not consider it as the challenge and big attraction for off-road travelers. We would be a little ashamed to decorate our Jeep with a sticker given to everyone when paying an entrance fee: "This car climbed Mt. Washington.” Anyone can do it; there is no pride in it.

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