Cayman Islands

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Located south of Cuba, the Cayman Islands have one of the highest standards of living among all the islands in the Caribbean. Indeed, being here you have impression as if visited these less populated parts of Florida in the USA. The streets are clean, safe, and no one harasses visitors. The islands have nice, sandy beaches ideal for sunbathers and turquoise waters, a paradise for scuba divers. For those tired of crowded beach and with ambitions to spend time slightly differently, these islands have absolutely nothing to offer except perhaps for shopping. All three islands of the British Overseas Territory are flat and have little greenery. There are no hills, no waterfalls, and no other interesting sights. It is impossible to find here any historic buildings of the colonial era. An old military fort was also destroyed. Cayman Islands may be interesting for people who want to spend some time in one of the luxury hotels. Unfortunately, this is not the place for those seeking experiences outside their hotel room, or a resort's swimming pool.

Formerly the sanctuary for pirates, today Cayman Islands are a tax heaven for international corporations. There are more registered companies than citizens. This is the sixth-largest financial center in the world, but rather than you would expect, there are not too many office buildings on the islands. Most of the companies do not have an office there, only the address and post office box. Caymanians do not pay income taxes. A need to generate income government puts on visitors instead. Tourists pay high taxes on everything, they even are required to pay not a small fee in order to obtain local driver’s permit.