Soufriere::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Street in Soufriere::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Street in Soufriere
Wooden Door::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Wooden Door

The oldest town in St. Lucia, fishing village of Soufrière, was founded by the French in 1746 and named after nearby volcano. This bayside former French colonial capital has picturesque location with the coastal Pitons providing a scenic backdrop. French colonial influences can be noticed in the architecture of the wooden buildings with second-story verandas. Soufrière is a very poor town today. If you stop your car on the street you will have company right away. After short conversation you will be always asked for money. For many locals this is the only way to earn money.

Veranda::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Wooden Building::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Wooden Building
Street Market::St. Lucia, Caribbean::
Street Market

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