St Lucia

Teardrop-shaped island of St. Lucia is located in the Windward chain of Caribbean Islands. The Arawaks were St. Lucia's first inhabitants. They paddled up from South America before AD 200. The Carib Indians followed, conquering the Arawaks around AD 800. Caribs still lived on the island when Europeans established first settlements in the 17th century. Today there is no trace of Caribs and 90% of the population is of African descent from slaves brought from West Africa to work in sugar plantations.

travel tip: Harassment. Exploring St. Lucia is not so relaxing. If you travel on your own, not with a travel agent, be prepared to deal with annoying locals, trying to sell strange goods, or just asking for money. Whenever you stop there is always someone to accost you. This is harassing and annoying until you get used to it.