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Rural and unspoiled, Dominica seems to be a 'non-tourist destination' because it lacks casinos and luxury resorts so favored by tourists to the Caribbean. The island is a great destination for people with interest extend beyond lying motionless in the sun. Dominica’s main attractions include a lush mountainous interior of rainforests, waterfalls, hot springs, lakes and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea with untouched coral reefs. Apart from its natural splendors, the island has an interesting fusion of British, French and West Indian cultural traditions, and is home to the only Carib Indian community in the Caribbean.

Scotts Head::Dominica, Caribbean:: Scotts Head Emerald Pool #1::Dominica, Caribbean:: Emerald Pool #1 Spanny's Twin Falls::Dominica, Caribbean:: Spanny's Twin Falls

Scotts Head is a tiny fishing village with mountains on one side and the hill with ruins of Fort Cachacou at the other. The bay with turquoise clear water is an excellent snorkeling location.

travel tip: Emerald Pool. Avoid days with cruise ship arrivals to Roseau. It is very hard to experience this waterfall's beauty when it is crowded and loud like a swimming pool in the resort.

Trafalgar Falls::Dominica, Caribbean:: Trafalgar Falls Batibou Bay::Dominica, Caribbean:: Batibou Bay Old Church in Soufrière::Dominica, Caribbean:: Old Church in Soufrière

travel tip: Beaches on Dominica.. It is not true that Dominica has no sand beaches. Nice bays like Batibou are hidden along the north shore and aften can be reached only by 4X4 vehicles.