Floor Panel

Parts used:

  1. Automotive carpet
  2. Plywood Sheet
  3. Two small hinges
  4. Two L-shaped brackets
  5. Spray Adhesive
  6. Upholstery staples
Parts used in floor panel project::L-shaped brackets and spray glue are missing on this picture::
Parts used in floor panel project
Panel model made of paper::I prepared a template from several folders and I cut the plywood according to the pattern::
Panel model made of paper

After installing the front seat front seat for the passenger in the rear, time has come for the floor panel. Installing only one seat, I got a fairly large free space. However, it was necessary to add some improvements in order to be able to store cargo in a convenient way. I prepared a template from cardboard and I cut the plywood according to the pattern. I used spray adhesive and upholstery staples to attach the black automotive carpet to the board.

Floor panel raised up::The panel is mounted using hinges::
Floor panel raised up
Floor panel lowered::The new panel increased the cargo space::
Floor panel lowered

Finished panel is attached to the floor using cut L-shaped brackets and small hinges. It could be done in a better way, but I was in rush. As the result I got quite a long part of the flat surface, which can be successfully used for sleeping if such need arises.

Panel side view::New panel lies on the back seat bracket::
Panel side view
Increased cargo space::Quite a long flat surface can also be successfully used for sleeping::
Increased cargo space

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