Hood Lock

Parts used:

  1. Hood Lock by Mopar
  2. Small rectangular steel plate
Before hood lock was installed::Mesh grille was installed previously
Before hood lock was installed
Piece of sheet metal::I used it to close the opening allowing a hood latch escaping the lock::
Piece of sheet metal

I bought Mopar hood lock because it is designed to use the ignition key. No need for another key. The lock codes itself when the key is used for the first time. The lock is installed using four steel divots that go through the existing holes. Installation should be super easy, but lack of the proper divot tool made this project a little bit difficult for me. I was not able to purchase a tool in any of my local hardware stores; fortunately a friendly body shop had one and was willing to help me. Additional work was related to making a hole in my mesh grille. I un-mounted paper covered wire twist ties that hold the center grille opening cover, cut the round hole and re-painted that steel mesh.

Mopar Hood Lock::A rubber guard protects the lock from dirt::
Mopar Hood Lock
Key in the new lock::Lock in the open position, I use the ignition key::
Key in the new lock

I was happy with the installation and decided to test how well my hood lock works. To my surprise it turned out to be extremely easy to open the hood with the lock in close position. It could be done using a screwdriver or even just a finger. That original well constructed Mopar lock was useless! Luckily I was able to make some changes so that the lock fits the purpose. I used a small piece of steel plate in order to reduce the opening through which the latch is released. Now I am happy. There is no way to open the hood when it is locked.

© 2011 Maciej Swulinski