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Land of Cod

Southern Labrador

Aug 8, 2011

Time has come to leave the island of Newfoundland and go back to the continent. I took a ferry from St. Barbe to cross Strait of Belle Isle. After hour and a half, boat arrived to the wharf located in Blanc-Sablon in Quebec, less than three kilometers (two miles) from the Labrador border.

Ferry Boat M/V 'Apollo'::To get to Labrador from Newfoundland I boarded the ferry at St. Barbe:: Ferry Boat M/V 'Apollo' Ancient Indian Burial Site::This is the oldest known grave in North America, dating back to 7,500 years ago:: Ancient Indian Burial Site

Very strange for me was the fact that after arrival from Newfoundland, in this part of Quebec, theoretically, I had to turn my watch 1.5 hours back and after driving three kilometers to Labrador change the time again, 1.5 hours forward. This is a consequence of the fact that in the whole province of Quebec (Canada's largest) has only one time zone. Even in such remote and isolated places like Blanc-Sablon time is the same like in Montreal.

Gun Mount::The remains of HMS Raleigh on the beach near Point Amour:: Gun Mount Warship Remains::HMS Raleigh was grounded in 1922, destroyed with explosives in 1926:: Warship Remains
Fishing Nets on the Shore::Fishing house and small fishing wharf in St. Modeste, Labrador:: Fishing Nets on the Shore Knife Stuck into the Table::Small fishing wharf like many in southern Labrador:: Knife Stuck into the Table

Driving along the coast of southern Labrador, I stopped at L'Anse Amour, to see the ancient burial place. It is the oldest known grave in North America, a place where an Indian child was buried, a kid that died 7,500 years ago. I also walked the shore near the Point Amour lighthouse. On the beach, I found plenty of rusted remains of a British warship. At dusk, I climbed hundreds of steps to the top of Tracey Hill. I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the village of Red Bay, endless coastline and the Labrador Sea with several icebergs in the distance.

The Bernier's Wreck::The 'Bernier' with broken engine grounded here in 1966:: The Bernier's Wreck Red Bay Waterfront::Fishing houses in Red Bay Harbour:: Red Bay Waterfront
Red Bay Village::Notice the iceberg on the horizon:: Red Bay Village Red Bay with Organ's Island::The wreck of Basque galleon sunk in 1565, believed to be the San Juan, lays in Red Bay waters:: Red Bay with Organ's Island