Land of Cod

Driving to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Aug 10

Port Hope Simpson Gas Station::Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, Canada::
Port Hope Simpson Gas Station
Next Services 410 km::Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, Canada::
Next Services 410 km
Truck is coming::Light drizzle reduced dust clouds that followed passing vehicles::
Truck is coming
Endless Road::There are hundreds of kilometers of such roads in Labrador::
Endless Road

After returning from the Battle Harbour, I continued my travel by gravel roads to Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The last town on the way is Port Hope Simpson, where I filled up a tank of my car. I could not afford to bypass the gas station in this settlement, because the next one was 410 kilometers away. My Jeep had the original stock Goodyear tires. They are not too good and easily get punctured when driven on sharp rocks. I was expecting a puncture at any time, so I kept my tire repair kit on hand. I had my first flat tire precisely at the junction with the road to Cartwright. The nearest town and services were 125 km behind and 285 km ahead. It took me half an hour to repair a tire. A local resident of Cartwright, who was passing by, stopped to check if there is anything, I might need.

My first flat tire on this trip::The nearest town and services were 125 km behind::
My first flat tire on this trip
Nice outfit::I wish I had such mosquito net jacket::
Nice outfit
More Dust::Dust cloud follows every car::
More Dust
Drifters::I guess this car wreck was left here to warn other drivers::

The next section of gravel road was in surprisingly good condition. I was able to drive at a speed of 90-110 km/h (55-70 mph). I reached Goose Bay before sunset. I felt tired and covered with a big layer of dust. On that day, I spent over 9 hours behind the wheel driving the whole 475 km (295 miles) distance on gravel roads.

On the road to Goose Bay::Wetlands like this one do not occur too often along the road in this part of Labrador::
On the road to Goose Bay
Highway in Labrador::Not very busy road; panoramic picture covers more than 180°::
Highway in Labrador
Sand Island on Churchill River::A view from the bridge near Happy Valley-Goose Bay::
Sand Island on Churchill River

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