Dhamma Chakka Posture::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Dhamma Chakka Posture
Paschima Viharaya Cave::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Paschima Viharaya Cave
Dambulla Cave Temple::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla (Sri Lanka) are actually two different temples located in close proximity. Golden Temple that houses giant gold Buddha – built in 2001 - sitting on the roof of modern kitsch building is totally uninteresting, maybe except the statue itself. What is important to visit is Dambulla is Cave Temple from 1st century BC located many steps up the hill behind the first one. There are five main caves, some of them man made, fronted by the monastic like structure. Caves differ in sizes, frescoes and statues presented inside.

Pilgrims in Dambulla::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Pilgrims in Dambulla
Carved Reclining Buddha::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Carved Reclining Buddha
Corridor with stupa::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Corridor with stupa
Two Lord Buddha Statues::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Two Lord Buddha Statues
Buddha and Hindu Vishnu::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Buddha and Hindu Vishnu
Maharaja Viharaya Cave::Dambulla, Sri Lanka::
Maharaja Viharaya Cave

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