Multicultural Singapore

Sri Mariammam Entrance::Singapore::
Sri Mariammam Entrance
Maari Amman::Singapore::
Maari Amman
Sri Mariammam Detail::Singapore::
Sri Mariammam Detail

Singapore is a really multicultural city-state even that Chinese dominate its population. In times of ethnic and religious wars in the world, Singapore is a place of peaceful co-existence of many different faiths. In Singapore it is not unusual to see in close proximity several houses of worship of different religious beliefs.

Offering in Sri Mariammam::Singapore::
Offering in Sri Mariammam
Nagore Durgha Mosque::Singapore::
Nagore Durgha Mosque
Jamae Mosque::Singapore::
Jamae Mosque
Masjid Sultan::Singapore::
Masjid Sultan
Sultan Mosque::Singapore::
Sultan Mosque
Inside Sultan Mosque::Singapore::
Inside Sultan Mosque
Maghain Aboth Synagogue::Singapore::
Maghain Aboth Synagogue
Masonic Temple Singapore::Singapore::
Masonic Temple Singapore
Armenian Church::Singapore::
Armenian Church

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