Open Pavilion (Pendopo)::Kraton Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Open Pavilion (Pendopo)
Palace Building::Kraton Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Palace Building
 Rickshaw Drivers::Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Rickshaw Drivers

Yogyakarta is located on island of Java. The name of this town is often written as Jogjakarta or simply Jogja. It is the only region in Indonesia, where the governor’s office is hold by a descendant of the Sultan of Yogyakarta, just like a sultanate. Sultan’s Palace (kraton) is still the seat of the Sultan and his family. Some parts of the palace are open to the public, but what is presented there is very disappointing. The square is full of dust, the rooms are empty. No elegant decoration, no furniture or paintings. Almost nothing can be considered art here, absolutely zero, what is interesting.

Yellow Rickshaws::Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Yellow Rickshaws
The Old Rickshaw::Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
The Old Rickshaw
Becak (rickshaw) in Jogja::Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Becak (rickshaw) in Jogja

travel tip: Batik. Yogyakarta is about batik. Everyone directs you to the nearest workshop. They want you to watch how batik is painted and immediately buy something. According to tradition textile called batik is considered a work of art and is used in traditional clothing on Java. Many tourist-oriented shops sell batik paintings, but unfortunately most of these 'works' is simply kitsch.

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