Two Teenagers::Malé, Maldives::
Two Teenagers
Muslim Woman in the Maldives::Mahibadhoo, Maldives::
Muslim Woman in the Maldives
Young Maldivians::Malé, Maldives::
Young Maldivians
Maldivians #1::Malé, Maldives::
Maldivians #1

Maldivians speak Dhivehi, which is of course an official language of the Maldives; our word atoll (a ring of coral islands) comes directly from word atholhu in Dhivehi. Citizens of the Maldives live under Islamic law that allows polygamy, but it is very rare for a man to marry more than one woman. It is simply because of economical reasons. All wives have to be treated equally; more women, more money required.

Everyone in Maldives speaks English. The reason is that the whole education is based on English language, teachers mostly come from Europe. Pupils have to pass exams that are prepared in Great Britain. Everyone in Maldives who graduates from the primary school speaks not only Dhivehi and English, but also knows the basics of Arabic language. Maldives is a Muslim country and everyone is thought Quran (Koran) in its original version.

Maldivian Family::Malé, Maldives::
Maldivian Family
Girls Wearing Hijab::Malé, Maldives::
Girls Wearing Hijab
Old Lady in Hijab::Malé, Maldives::
Old Lady in Hijab
Yellow Hijab::Malé, Maldives::
Yellow Hijab
Maldivians #2::Mahibadhoo, Maldives::
Maldivians #2
Maldivians #3::Mahibadhoo, Maldives::
Maldivians #3

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