A Man and His Rooster::Bali, Indonesia::
A Man and His Rooster
Balinese Woman Carrying Basket::Bali, Indonesia::
Balinese Woman Carrying Basket
Small Boy with His Mom::Bali, Indonesia::
Small Boy with His Mom

Indonesia is a melting pot of cultures and religions. Java has the largest Muslim population, Bali is dominated by Hindus. Christianity, Buddhism and animistic religions are also present throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The coexistence of different ethnic groups is not always peaceful. Violence often occurs as a consequence of the religious hatred.

Woman Carrying Sarongs on her Head::Bali, Indonesia::
Woman Carrying Sarongs on her Head
Young Man Praying::Bali, Indonesia::
Young Man Praying
Balinese Boys::Bali, Indonesia::
Balinese Boys
 Rickshaw Drivers::Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia::
Rickshaw Drivers
Indonesian Student Girls::Makassar, Sulawesi Indonesia::
Indonesian Student Girls
Becak (rickshaw) in Makassar::Makassar, Sulawesi Indonesia::
Becak (rickshaw) in Makassar

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