Staying in Sri Lanka

Dutch Verandah::Bandarawela, Sri Lanka::
Dutch Verandah
The Dutch House::Bandarawela, Sri Lanka::
The Dutch House
Entrance Door and Flowers::Bandarawela, Sri Lanka::
Entrance Door and Flowers
Patio Fountain::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Patio Fountain

The most important while visiting countries in Asia is to stay away from bureaucratic tangle, constant conning and awful hotels. I am not taking about avoiding contact with local people, but about all the disadvantages that come form negative experiences during your travel. Sri Lanka has many hidden oasis of relatively inexpensive clean hotels with comfort and relaxation so needed after days on dusty roads and many hours with annoying beggars. Such places allow you to come back from the exertion of the previous day and filter out only the best and nice experiences.

Bathroom Entrance::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Bathroom Entrance
Little Buddha::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Little Buddha
Red Window Shutter::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Red Window Shutter

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