Decorated Shrine::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Decorated Shrine
Inner Shrine::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Inner Shrine
Temple`s Library::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Temple`s Library

Temple of the Sacred Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) in Kandy is the most sacred site for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It hosts a relict, tooth of the founder of Buddhism, Siddhattha Gotama commonly known as Buddha. Temple is a place where thousands of pilgrims visit every day to see corporeal remains of the Buddha. Actually you cannot see the relict, just a little stupa shaped casket – beautiful work of art – that holds the Sacred Tooth. The buildings of temple are in very good condition and contain many interesting features of the traditional Sinhalese architecture.

Sri Dalada Maligawa::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Sri Dalada Maligawa
Temple`s Grounds::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Temple`s Grounds
Pilgrim`s Prayer::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Pilgrim`s Prayer
Lighting Oil Lamps::Kandy, Sri Lanka::
Lighting Oil Lamps

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