Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Beach Chairs::Bali, Indonesia::
Nusa Dua Beach Chairs
Quiet Swimming Pool::Bali, Indonesia::
Quiet Swimming Pool
Hotel Villa Swimming Pool::Bali, Indonesia::
Hotel Villa Swimming Pool

This is an excellent example of how beautiful pictures lie. Nusa Dua (or Nusadua) in Bali is not an exceptional place and is far from being interesting. The whole area is simply a densely built complex of international hotels. The memories that you bring home are about crowds of people on the beach, sunbathing hordes of guests at the pools and restaurants that are constantly crowded.

Villa Entrance::Bali, Indonesia::
Villa Entrance
Gold Door with Guardians::Bali, Indonesia::
Gold Door with Guardians
Spa Fountain::Bali, Indonesia::
Spa Fountain

travel tip: Avoid Nusa Dua. Not only Kuta should be avoided. There hundreds of places like Nusa Dua around the world. Going to Bali to spend most of the time here makes absolutely no sense.

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