The Galle Fort::Galle, Sri Lanka::
The Galle Fort
Sri Lankan Moor Family::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Sri Lankan Moor Family
Sri Lankan Moor Boys::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Sri Lankan Moor Boys
Meeran Jumma Mosque::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Meeran Jumma Mosque

This is Sri Lanka’s most historic town. The old town of Galle shows the interaction between European architecture and Sinhalese (Sri Lankan’s) traditions. The Galle Fort was originally built by Portuguese and modified by Dutch in the 17th century. It is a world heritage site and the largest remaining fortress in south-east Asia built entirely by Europeans. The most important landmarks include: the Dutch Reformed Church dating from 1640 and altered in 1755, the Meeran Jumma Mosque from 1898 based on former Catholic Church, the British lighthouse from 1938, and the Buddhist Temple laid over an old Portuguese Church. In the beginning of 21st century the Dutch formed a foundation to rebuild the remaining homes from the Dutch era. Galle Fort has the potential to become the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka.

Buddhist Temple in Galle::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Buddhist Temple in Galle
All Saints Catholic Church::Galle, Sri Lanka::
All Saints Catholic Church
Dutch Reformed Church Galle::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Dutch Reformed Church Galle
Woman in Orange Dress::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Woman in Orange Dress
Street in Fort Galle::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Street in Fort Galle
Inside Dutch Reformed Church::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Inside Dutch Reformed Church
Working with Gemstones::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Working with Gemstones
Women in Galle::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Women in Galle
Coconut Seller::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Coconut Seller
Dog and Morris Minor::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Dog and Morris Minor
Old Dutch Warehouse::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Old Dutch Warehouse
Moor Girls::Galle, Sri Lanka::
Moor Girls

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