USS Liberty Dive

USS Liberty was the US Army transport ship during WWII. She was torpedoed by Japanese submarine in 1942. Attempt to reach the nearest port failed; the vessel was beached near Tulamben in Bali to avoid her sinking. Volcanic eruption in 1963 was so powerful that wreck standing on the beach was knocked down and pushed into the water.

Divers at USS Liberty Wreck::Bali, Indonesia::
Divers at USS Liberty Wreck
Yellow Fan Coral::Bali, Indonesia::
Yellow Fan Coral

There is nothing difficult to dive to the wreck of USS Liberty. It lies just off the coast. The parts of the ship are resting on the black volcanic sand at a depth of 9 to 30 meters (30 to 100 ft).

Diving USS Liberty::Bali, Indonesia::
Diving USS Liberty
USS Liberty Wreck #1::Bali, Indonesia::
USS Liberty Wreck #1
USS Liberty Wreck #2::Bali, Indonesia::
USS Liberty Wreck #2

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