Rice Fields in Indonesia

Threshing Rice by Hand::Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia::
Threshing Rice by Hand
Bori Rice Fields::Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia::
Bori Rice Fields
Water Buffalo at Paddy Field::Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia::
Water Buffalo at Paddy Field

Rice is the crop grown in many Asian countries. In Indonesia it is major source of food for the majority of the population. It is a plant that requires plenty of water and heat. In Java, Bali, and other islands in Indonesia the rains are so plentiful that it is possible to grow three or four rice crops a year. Rice fields are surrounded by low walls to maintain the water at a time when fields are flooded. In mountain areas, the paddy fields form terraces where water flowing from the top successively fills each of them. Planting, harvesting and threshing rice is a slow process done by hand.

Gunung Kawi Rice Paddies::Bali, Indonesia::
Gunung Kawi Rice Paddies
Lone Worker at Paddy Fields::Bali, Indonesia::
Lone Worker at Paddy Fields
Terraced Rice Fields::Bali, Indonesia::
Terraced Rice Fields
Hindu Offerings at the Rice Field #2::Bali, Indonesia::
Hindu Offerings at the Rice Field #2
Ploughing a Rice Field::Bali, Indonesia::
Ploughing a Rice Field

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