Tanah Lot

Playing Golf at Tanah Lot::Bali, Indonesia::
Playing Golf at Tanah Lot
Golf Course near Tanah Lot::Bali, Indonesia::
Golf Course near Tanah Lot

Situated on the shores of the ocean, the temple of Tanah Lot (Bali, Indonesia) is built on a rock. It is easily accessible at low tide, but access to the main buildings of the sanctuary for most visitors is prohibited. Big crowds gather on the shore. The priests collect fees from everyone here who rinse his/her face with the "holy water" from the stream. Additional fee is required from those who wish to see the "holy snake" in the rock crack. What I have witnessed here is very simple and wonderfully profitable business based on religion. You pay here for something that is not worth remembering. Temple location is very beautiful, but nothing besides that.

Tanah Lot Rock::Bali, Indonesia::
Tanah Lot Rock
Shore at Low Tide::Bali, Indonesia::
Shore at Low Tide
Crowds on the Shore::Bali, Indonesia::
Crowds on the Shore

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